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Sunblaster 12
Sunblaster 12

    Sunblaster 12" T5 Fluorescent Light Combo


    Sunblaster 12" T5 Fluorescent Light Combo

    Enhance your indoor gardening setup with the Sunblaster 12" T5 Fluorescent Combo. This comprehensive lighting solution is equipped with everything you need for effective indoor plant growth, from seedling to full-term development.

    Key Features of the Sunblaster 12" T5 Fluorescent Combo:

    • High-Efficiency Lighting: Comes with a 6400K T5HO lamp that is perfect for propagating seeds and supporting healthy growth of cuttings. The lamp emits 690 lumens while consuming only 11 watts, ensuring energy-efficient operation with a life expectancy of 10,000 hours.
    • Advanced Reflector Technology: Includes the NanoTech T5 Reflector which boosts light output by up to 48% without additional power consumption. This reflector also helps in reducing heat by reflecting heat away from the lamp and ballast, enhancing the growing environment and extending the life of the system.
    • Optimal Spectrum for Growth: The spectral distribution of the T5HO lamp peaks at 435 nm and 615 nm, aligning perfectly with the photosynthetic output requirements of growing plants. This spectrum ensures very little light energy is wasted, maximizing plant growth and production.
    • Versatile Installation Options: Equipped with a power cord, link cord, and hanging clips, allowing for easy setup. The combo can be mounted using either the included hanging clips or flat surface mounting clips, and the minimal heat output allows for the fixture to be placed close to the plant canopy (6” - 8”) to maximize photosynthetic response and growth.
    • Broad Application: Ideal for both commercial and residential applications, this lighting system supports vigorous root development and healthier, more robust plants compared to other lighting sources.

    The Sunblaster 12" T5 Fluorescent Combo is designed to deliver superior lighting for your plants throughout all stages of growth, ensuring they grow better and stronger without the need to rotate them towards the light source, thanks to its effective light spread and diffusion. This system is perfect for anyone looking to elevate their indoor gardening with professional-grade lighting.


    Available in various sizes:

    To perfectly match your gardening needs, the Sunblaster T5 Fluorescent Combo is tailored in a variety of lengths, each designed to optimize your plant growth with precision. Available sizes include:


    Explore these options to enhance your indoor gardening with the right lighting solution, ensuring your plants thrive in an environment tailored just for them. Each link provides direct access to detailed specifications and purchase options, streamlining your path to a greener garden.

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