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Cannabis Strain Review Afghan Kush

Born in the rugged Hindu Kush mountain region of Afghanistan and northern Pakistan, this sweetly aromatic indica will have you speaking in tongues if restraint is abandoned.

Long known for its sedating and meditative properties, Afghan Kush (AK) is a hearty plant that is highly prized for its heavy resin production. It also has a distinguishable “hashy” taste; hence why it’s a favorite plant amongst hashish makers.


History of Afghan Kush

Afghan Kush first hit the shores of America sometime in the mid-70s and it gained a reputation of being almost therapeutic with its relaxing and calming effect. Nonetheless, AK remained relatively unknown until the British firm GW Pharmaceutical chose it, along with other potent strains, for commercial use.

Today, AK is one of the most popular plants for growers and consumers alike. Many medical-marijuana dispensaries specialize in the strain as it is well-known for its tension-relieving and quiescent properties. It is a Canadian favorite, and is also homegrown in many parts of the lower 48 states and Alaska.

Afghan Kush is also used heavily in breeding. Strains with shorter flowering times (even those with auto-flowering) have been created using original AK as the mother ship. OG, Larry, Lemon, and Russian Master, to name a few, owe their existence to AK. Afghan Kush also served as the cornerstone for legends such as White Widow, AK-47, Sensi Star, and others.

Afghan Kush In the Growroom

True to its indica roots, AK has broad, dark green leaves and grows with branches outstretched. In other words, this plant likes elbowroom. It can also reach impressive heights if left to its own devices, though AK is usually grown as a medium-sized plant. No matter how tall, however, it produces a heavy canopy of resin-glistening buds loaded with THC.

With its low maintenance, good yield, and ability to reach full flowering in less than two months, AK is a must have on your grow bucket list. It’s a well-established and stable plant that is easy to grow, making it perfect for both the novice and the seasoned grower. Afghan Kush also thrives both indoors and out. Optimal indoor yields will produce 400 grams per square meter, while outdoors will produce 500-600 grams per square meter.

Physical Effects of Afghan Kush

Edgar Allen Poe would have liked AK; or, perhaps he did. While there is some respectable cerebral euphoria, this indica strain is almost narcotic in its effect on the body. It’s excellent for reducing tension and stress, and produces a calm and relaxed state of being—a state of transcendental meditation, if you will. Afghan Kush also helps to ease chronic pain and is recommended for a series of maladies, ranging from migraines to arthritis. It’s also wonderful for patients whose medications or treatments that make them not want to eat

Remember, though, too much of anything is not good. Afghan Kush is most relaxing and enjoyable when consumed in moderation. Possible side-effects of AK are cotton mouth, red and/or dry eyes, dizziness, paranoia, and couchpotatoitus.

Source: Maximum Yield   February 1, 2017 "Cut & Dried Strain Review: Afghan Kush"


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