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Should You Sterilize Your Pruners?

Jul 21 2020 pruning sterilization tips

As any informed horticulturist knows, cleanliness in one’s garden—indoors or out—is essential. By keeping a cultivation area sterile, gardeners preemptively avoid disastrous issues with bugs, mold, mildew, and other plant-based pathogens.While most cultivators agree on the necessity of cleanliness in the garden area, opinions become askew with more subjective and nuanced sterilization techniques.For example, many indoor gardeners religiously bleach their entire growroom (and all the equipment in it) after each harvest. However, others are convinced that this level of cleaning is not necessary on such a regular basis, and only sterilize their walls and pots a couple of times a...

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Top Mistakes By Hydroponic Gardners

Jun 02 2020 growing hydroponics tips

Why focus on mistakes? Let’s face it: we learn a lot more through our mistakes and failures than we do through our successes. Working with new farmers over the years, we noticed that the most successful farmers see mistakes as opportunities to learn from and improve their farms.As you begin to navigate the world of hydroponics, learn from these mistakes and keep them in mind when starting or scaling your own system. Doing so will save you a lot of heartache and possibly financial despair associated with these seven mistakes. Mistake #1: Designing Unusable or Hard-to-Use Farms Designing an unusable...

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Flowering Stage Tips For Cannabis

May 22 2020 bloom cannabis flower tips

The day has come to flip your lights and let the buds start growing. After weeks of hard work in the vegetative cycle, every grower wants to do what they can to get the biggest, frostiest buds possible at harvest. Here are five simple things you can do during the flower stage to increase your yield. Low-Stress Training Low-stress training is a technique that creates a flat, even canopy and maximizes your space by growing shorter, bushier plants with more bud sites. Pruning excess leaves allows light to get to each site so you grow more large buds and fewer...

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